1) ALLERGIES Have you ever really examined the windows in your home? what do you see? Dust, fly droppings, cooking grease, allergens build up over time on your windows. This contributes to allergy symptoms you may not even know you had.

2) CURB APPEAL  Should you ever decide to sell your home. Or just looking to add more curb appeal.  According to a recent issue of Money Magazine, having your windows cleaned professionally is the #1 way to improve your ROI. According to a survey of 2000 realtors it was determined that having your windows cleaned gets you on average 768% return on investment!

3) SAVES MONEY  neglecting your homes window cleaning contributes to mineral deposits, hard water spots, fogging.  As a result draining value from your biggest investment. Instead of replacing windows that are beyond repair can cost you thousands of dollars. Regular maintenance of your windows can save you that expense and contribute to the overall value of your home.

4) S.A.D Seasonal Affective Disorder is a known form of depression that affects many people. The medical industry recommends “Light Therapy,” including exposure to natural sunlight to treat this seasonal affective disorder. You won’t believe how much more sun that a clean window lets into your home! 

5) FREE TIME What can be worse than spending your whole weekend at the tedious task cleaning your own windows? Firstly, second story ladder work may be dangerous. Secondly, wouldn’t you rather spend that weekend enjoying quality time with your family?

6) TRULY HEALTHY WINDOWS Sun-baked environmental elements like grime, dirt, mold and other allergens often will not come off with DIY techniques. In short, most store bought products don’t work. Pro window cleaners only use industrial strength products. As a result  you’ll have truly healthy windows.